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The vision of investors in the field of social innovation

2017, 15 September

Access to capital is a major challenge for social organizations and impact-oriented businesses. The first step for social entrepreneurs and innovative initiatives is to identify where they are within the ecosystem to seek the right kind of funding for their maturity stage. Leonardo Letelier, CEO of SITAWI, spoke on the theme at the Social Innovation Seminar, held by Oi Futuro in Rio de Janeiro. The event, held on July 18,

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SITAWI among the best NGOs in Brazil

2017, 15 August

Join us in celebrating SITAWI´s recognition as one of the best social organizations in Brazil! The first edition of the Best NGOs Award, an initiative of Instituto Doar and Revista Época, placed SITAWI in the list of Brazilian NGOs that stand out for their transparency, efficiency, quality of management and good governance practices in their areas of activity. “Being among the best NGOs in Brazil reflects our efforts to become

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When creative companies turn their culture into innovation

2017, 27 March

For fifteen years the “Feira Cultural Preta” (Black Fair) has been getting together experiences of entrepreneurs and creative companies in the city of São Paulo. The celebration edition attended by more than 120 thousand participants, 600 exhibitors from Brazil and Latin America and 500 national and international artists. In 2016, the event took place the first time in Rio de Janeiro, when celebrates the centenary of Samba, a musical style

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