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2021, 11 May

At SITAWI Finance for Good, we chose the definition built together in the Alliance for Investments and Impact Businesses, which positions them as enterprises that have the clear intention of addressing a socio-environmental problem through their main activity (be it their product / service and / or operation). These ventures operate according to the market logic, with a business model that seeks financial returns (possible model even within non-profit organizations

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SITAWI among the best NGOs in Brazil

2017, 15 August

Join us in celebrating SITAWI´s recognition as one of the best social organizations in Brazil! The first edition of the Best NGOs Award, an initiative of Instituto Doar and Revista Época, placed SITAWI in the list of Brazilian NGOs that stand out for their transparency, efficiency, quality of management and good governance practices in their areas of activity. “Being among the best NGOs in Brazil reflects our efforts to become

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First map of social and environmental impact businesses

2017, 30 July

Education and green technologies are the topics with the highest incidence in impact businesses, according to the 2017 Impact Map. Conducted by Pipe.Social, a platform for connections for entrepreneurs, the study consulted 579 organizations with the intention of creating an X-ray of the sector and monitoring its evolution. There is a growing number of companies that have in their DNA the commitment to solve social and environmental problems. Among the

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