Sustainable Finance Advisory

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) issues generate risks and business opportunities for companies, investors and financiers. SITAWI advises financial institutions such as banks, insurers, pension funds, asset managers, private equity funds, who wish to incorporate ESG issues into their business strategy, product development, risk management and investment analysis.

Because we specialize in the financial sector, we speak the language of industry professionals. We were responsible for restructuring the questionnaire for Financial Institutions of ISE (Corporate Sustainability Index of BM&FBOVESPA) and have been involved in international and Brazilian working groups of the PRI – Principles for Responsible Investment.

We have executed dozens of projects for major players in the industry across a range of asset classes, mainly in Brazil, but also across Latin America and Asia. Our advisory practice is tailor-made, we are able to support clients whether their motivation is related to ethics, reputation or investment returns (alpha).

Given our expertise in Sustainable Finance, we have also advised industry associations, NGOs and think-tanks on Sustainable Finance. In selected cases, we may advise non-financial companies on the intersection of sustainability and finance, as long as it does not generate conflicts of interest with our ESG research practice.

Governance & Processes
Strategy and New Ventures
  • ESMS Environmental & Social Risk Management System
  • CMN 4327 / PRI / PSI / EPs – Regulatory Compliance
  • Social and Environmental Policy – Credit, investments and insurance
  • ESG Integration in fixed income, listed equities and private equity
  • Analytical Tools for ESG risks and opportunities
  • Training to executives, analysts and portfolio managers
  • Business Modeling – Positive impact and economic viability integration
  • Product Development – Financial products with ESG and climate benefits
  • ESG Scenarios – Understand the strategic planning impacts
  • Value Creation – Engagement with investees for value creation
Transaction Services
Content and Communications
  • ESG Ratings – 100 Brazilian listed companies covered
  • ESG Valuation for any listed company
  • ESG Due Diligence of private equity or project finance portfolios
  • ESG Due Diligence of private equity or project finance portfolios
  • ESG Research on ESG risks and opportunities on themes and sectors
  • SRI Comms attract responsible investors with the right message
  • Publications of state of the art content generation in Sustainable Finance
  • Events Curation – programme, speakers and target audience

Below are the ways we support the different players of the Sustainable Finance ecosystem.