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Supporting SITAWI’s initiatives means leveraging the social and environmental impact of your donation. Contributing is becoming a transformative agent in many people’s lives.

How will resources be used?

Your donation for SITAWI’s operations allows it to use innovative financial tools to generate positive impact in areas as health, environment and education. For each R$1 donated and effectively used for operational expenditures, R$6,7 were allocated for social impact.
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Supporting SITAWI's initiatives means leveraging the social and environmental impact of your donation.

Centro de Integração de Educação e Saúde (CIES)

To bring specialized, humanized and high tech medical care to any community

Instituto Peabiru

To value cultural and environmental diversity and support processes of social transformation in the Amazon


To produce sustainable vegetable oil, avoiding deforestation and changes in land use with the coexistence of agriculture in the same place

Feira Preta

To generate jobs and income for the Afro-Brazilian population through the valorization of black culture and entrepreneurship

Alpha Lumen

To offer courses of primary and secondary education for students of high skills with an innovative methodology

Inova Urbis

Construction and renovation solutions for low-income housing at popular



SITAWI was nominated as the 6th most influential social organization of Brazil and 8th in Latin America, by the Top 500 NGOs ranking, from NGO Advisor. In 2017, Finance for Good rose 11 positions compared to 2016 and now ranks 119th in the global ranking. Find out more.

Best NGOs

In 2018, an award from Instituto Doar placed SITAWI, for the second consecutive year, among the 100 best NGOs in the country. The ranking highlights Brazilian NGOs that value the best governance practices, transparency and efficiency in their areas of expertise. Find out more.

ABCR Award

SITAWI was chosen the Most Transparent Organization by ABCR – Brazilian Fundraisers Association, being recognized as the organization that best presents information about its management . The voting took place at the 8th ABCR Festival, held in May 2016.


In 2011, the Inter-American Development Bank recognized SITAWI as the “top project” in the Socially Responsible Investment category. The annual beyondBanking awards recognize outstanding contributions by financial service firms and intermediaries from across Latin America.

Meet our donors


A. Fraga, Família Conde.


A. Rezende,  M. Spilberg, T. Bracher, T. Rossi, Trígono Capital, W. Dominice.


J. Nogueira Junior, Lee Meier.


A. Dascal, E. Castro, F. Gutterres, L. Gonçalves, E. Stein, O. Armani.


Juntos, Halloran Philanthropies e Avina, foram parceiros no desenvolvimento do empréstimo socioambiental da SITAWI!

Offering products or services in kind:

2019 – José Valder Nogueira, Leonardo Letelier, Mauro Finatti

2018 – Egon Zehnder, Vieira Rezende Advogados, Valverde Advogados

2017 – Souza, Cescon, Barrieu, & Flesch Advogados, Otimifica

2016 – Co_labore, Grupo Attitude, F. Galli, Google, MZ Group, Otimifica, Souza Cescon Barrieu & Flesh Advogados

2015 – Google, P. Orloff, F. Passerini, G. Pierri

2014 – A. Azambuja, Caru Ribeiro Fotografia, FluidSurveys, F. Galli, GerentedeRH, Google, HBS Angels, U.Ortolan

2013 – Arara Studio, CMAG, G. Cohn, Google, HPN Invest, FluidSurveys, Microsoft, C. Mosse

2012 – D. Cardoso, Google, Heads, M. Figueira, Mattos Filho, Veiga Filho, Marrey Jr. e Quiroga Advogados, L. Moraes, SugarSync, Thomson Reuters Foundation

2011 – D. Cardoso, Instituto Pro Bono, Keyassociados, F. Prat, think-cell

2010 – Approach, ArteFoco, alôbrasil, D. Cardoso, eSpiral, Instituto Pro Bono

2009 – Microsoft, Dropbox

We also thank the below donors:

Anonymous, A. Luiz Marques de Souza, A. Resende, A. Oliveira, A. Carlos Martin de Pontes, C. Skilnik, C. Resende de Oliveira, C. Albuquerque, D. Celano, D. Della Nina, D. Masullo, D. Vargas, D. Augusto Trotta, E. Monteiro Wanderley, E. Frederico Oioli, F. Deboni, F. Tran, F. Bessa Mariz, F. Sotto-Maior, F. Mota, F. Malta, F. Cerruti, F. Plass Rizzo, F. Seifert, G. Murici Corrêa, G. Teixeira, H. Colin de Soarez, H. Sztutman, I. Valle, I. Teixeira, J. Clifford, J. Michaels, L. Campos, L. Letelier, M. Pecly, M. de Oliveira Pedreira, M. Finatti, M. Sednaoui, M. Simões Murta, M. Johas Menezes, O. Pinsky, P. Mauro Castro, P. Mordehachvili, P. de Souza Bruno, R. Pinto, R. Linhares, R. Glass, S. Wachsner, V. Medina-Matzner.