2021, 15 June

In the heart of Amazonas, the Middle Juruá region – territory of extreme ecological importance with a vast continuous area of ​​conserved tropical forest – presents a valuable trajectory of efforts towards the sustainable use of natural resources and care for local biodiversity. The territory on the banks of the Juruá River is located in the municipality of Carauari, in the central area, 1,676 km from Manaus by river.

Bringing an innovative model of intersectorial collaboration, over three years, the Middle Juruá Territory Program has mobilized R$16.8 million for initiatives that have positively impacted the lives of more than 3,500 people, generating better socioeconomic conditions, contributing to the conservation of biodiversity, and improving the territorial management of more than 919,000 hectares.

In the Final Report you will find the highlights and results of all the initiatives and projects that TMJ has implemented over these years, as well as the impact generated to the entire territory and coastal communities of Médio Juruá.

Enjoy your reading!

About the Program

PTMJ is an initiative for the sustainable development of the Middle Juruá region, supported by USAID, Natura and Coca-Cola, and coordinated by SITAWI, in partnership with members of the Médio Juruá Territory Forum. The initiatives of PTMJ were implemented thanks to the collaboration and work of local associations and non-governmental organizations such as ASPROC, ASMAMJ, AMECSARA, FAS and AMARU, and important strategic partners such as ICMBio and DEMUC/SEMA.