SITAWI signs business manifesto in favor of sustainable development

07 de agosto de 2020

More than 60 signatories, between companies and institutions, endorse the Brazilian Business Sector Communiqué that reaffirms the public commitment and proposes a coordinated action towards sustainable development. Signatories recognize that more sustainable practices, in addition to respecting the planet’s natural limits, have a financial impact. The group acknowledges that Brazil’s international image on environmental issues has plunged and currently generates losses for the country, either from a reputational or commercial

FS Bioenergia raises BRL 530 million in unprecedented green finance operations based on SITAWI Second Party Opinion

06 de agosto de 2020

FS Bioenergia was responsible for three new green finance operations in Brazil in recent months. The company raised BRL 530 million and based two of them on SITAWI’s SPO. The first operation, BRL 210 million in Agribusiness Receivable Certificates (CRA), was the first Green CRA for bioenergy sector in Brazil, issued in March this year. FS Bioenergia is the largest producer of ethanol exclusively from corn in Brazil. The second

SITAWI launches first database of green bonds in Brazil

08 de julho de 2020

At the end of June 2020, SITAWI launched a public link to the first complete database of thematic bonds in Brazil. The term includes green, social, sustainable and transition bonds, i.e., debts obtained for assets that have different types of socio and environmental externalities. The database includes all the sustainable credit operations in the country, covering not only bonds certified by the Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI), but also other mechanisms

Philanthropic Fund directs efforts to support low-income residents during pandemic

17 de junho de 2020

The Philanthropic Fund PerifaConnection was released in March 2020. Since then, it has supported the work of the social group of the same name, which makes the contests of narratives about youth in the peripheries of Brazil. The PerifaConnection bets on communication: it uses the public debate led by youth from the peripheries as the main tool to combat racism, inequalities and to build new perspectives. In response to the

First Green Bond issued by a Brazilian private bank counts with SITAWI’s second-party opinion

10 de junho de 2020

Banco BV, former Banco Votorantim, is the first national private bank to issue a green bond, debuting directly in the international market. The US$ 50 million fundraising will support BV’s loan portfolio of solar photovoltaic and wind generation power-plants projects. The green bond matures in 2024 and yields 3.35% per year.  SITAWI was responsible for the second-party opinion (SPO) of the US$ 50 million issuance and it allows BV to


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