Philanthropy Advisory

SITAWI believes neither the government nor the market can solve every social and environmental issues alone, therefore, an engaged, independent, organized and developed civil society is essential for the process of change.

This requires funding. This requires donations.

The philanthropic culture is precisely the set of values and practices that guide donations in a country.

Thus, best philanthropic practices go beyond occasional generosity or personal bonds with specific causes, but i include the deliberate use of resources to promote a better world.

Given the limitations of purely rational or simply emotional approaches, SITAWI has developed its own vision of philanthropy:


Becoming an effective donor – especially in case of high net-worth individuals and families – requires the construction of a philanthropic vision, which orientates allocation of resources taking into account the donor’s own preferences and restrictions.

Based on that vision, philanthropy should not be a sporadic activity, but part of individuals’ and families’ financial planning; a comprehensive planning on the use of funds, which includes investments, expenditure and donations.

As a consequence of planning and an understanding that the impact donors wish to see in the world is rarely restricted to a single organization or cause, a donation portfolio should value a balance in approaches and a diversity of supported organizations.

Therefore, the different approaches found in the social sector – compra de atendimento, building capacity, infrastructure construction and drives for change – should be integrated into individuals’ and families’ philanthropic portfolio.

The challenge of philanthropy is not a battle between head and heart, but rather the creation of a harmonious partnership between both.

Count on us to plan your donations!

The challenge of philanthropy is not the battle between head and heart, but to create a harmonious partnership between the two.

Count on us to plan your donations!