Philanthropy Management

A philanthropic Fund is a way of using SITAWI’s expertise to make your social, environmental or philanthropic initiatives more relevant and efficient.
  • Insights from SITAWI’s track record in supporting impact businesses and social organizations
  • Highly tailor-made solutions
  • Commitment to transparency
  • Certification as NGO that works in the public interest (OSCIP)

Our Philanthropy Management directs funding to support social and environmental causes in a flexible and efficient way, raising the volume of capital available for social impact from both companies and philanthropists.

In the first case, an increasing number of companies look for synergies between business success and their social and environmental legacy. However, both those who have already implemented social initiatives and those who intend to begin social programs, face a series of challenges in designing, implementing and financially controlling their impact strategies.

In the case of philanthropists, many already have the wish to act on the social sector in a relevant way, but this process is often too complex and time-consuming. In order to maximize their social impact, philanthropists would need to dedicate a lot of time to meet funding requests that go beyond their expertise.

Therefore, in accordance with our mission and over the course of our history, we have managed 20 philanthropic funds. Sometimes, we have helped manage funding flows and provided advice, as well as other types of support, such as strategy and governance, operations or financial management. Learn more about each active fund!


How CAN YOUR philanthropic fund generate social or environmental impact?
Each fund has set targets to generate social or environmental impact it is willing. They are agreed between the founder and SITAWI.
Projects Expenses Payment
Loans at below-market interest rates to social and/or environmental enterprises. As capital is repaid to SITAWI, new loans can be made reaching new projects and beneficiaries. The outcome is the efficient use of money and a significant multiplier effect.Grants to nonprofit organizations that support social causes aligned with each fund’s objectives. The grantees can be defined upon creating a fund or later.Payments for products or services so the fund can achieve its socioenvironmental objectives.

Social and Environmental Revolving Funds

Social and Environmental Loan Fundgestao-fundo2
A fund created with SITAWI’s own resources and aimed at supporting impact businesses through social and environmental loans. It offers financing at below-market interest rates, equal to the Central Bank base rate.
Family Cgestao-familia
The concept of philanthropy is less developed in Brazil than in other countries, such as the USA, where philanthropic support to the social sector is 30 times greater than in Brazil. New emerging trends and “pioneer” philanthropists are changing the current scenario and changing philanthropy in Brazil, so it can grow. Family C wanted to support the social and environmental development of Brazil sustainably and found the concept of social entrepreneurship a powerful tool to create long-term change.

Philanthropic Funds

Facebook Surdos que Ouvem Fund
The Facebook Surdos que Ouvem Fund promotes deafness demystification and information about hearing rehabilitation. It started when Facebook’s group ´Chronicles of Deafness´ with 12+ thousand members won Facebook’s Community Leadership Program, Facebook’s global initiative that promotes knowledge, abilities, tools, and grants for leaders who are innovating to better support their communities through Facebook.
Matchfunding BNDES+ Patrimônio Cultural Fund
Matchfunding BNDES+ Patrimônio Cultural  Fund is a groundbreaking blended finance model for culture projects that combines money from the public sector (BNDES – Brazilian Development Bank) and from crowdfunding to leave a legacy for Brazilian Cultural Patrimony. 

The program selects projects capable of leaving a legacy for the Brazilian Cultural Patrimony and trains their promoters in mobilization through crowdfunding in order to triple their revenue! For every R$ 1 donated, BNDES will donate R$ 2 trough SITAWI, the organization responsible for the financial management and accountability of the Fund.

Elite Transforma Fund
Elite Transforma is a scholarship program of Elite Rede de Ensino (a chain of private schools with 22 schools throughout Brazil) that offers scholarships to low-income children. Elite Transforma believes in the possibility to transform realities through education and will offer 532 scholarships until 2026.
Fundações e Institutos de Impacto (FIIMP) Fund
Fundações e Institutos de Impacto (FIIMP) Fund is a result of the Social Finance Task Force Innovation Lab’s 2nd recommendation. This recommendation suggests that foundations and institutes make grants and investments to allow pilots and innovative initiatives in the field of Social Finance and Impact Business.
BIG 2050 Initiative
Iniciativa BIG 2050 Fund was created by the Ilha Grande Bay Ecosystem Integrated Management Project (BIG Project) in order to structure a conservation and sustainable use model for the continental, maritime and insular ecosystems of Ilha Grande Bay, in the state of Rio de Janeiro. Both BIG Project and the Fund results from a partnership between the United Nations Organization for Food and Agriculture (FAO) and the Environment Institute of the State of Rio de Janeiro (INEA), with financial support from the Global Environment Fund (GEF). 
Pacto pela Democracia Fund
Pacto pela Democracia Fund is a coalition dedicated to promote collaboration between people, organizations and civil society movements to improve the rules, conditions and practices of the political dispute and the interface between institutions and society.

“The partnership with SITAWI was decisive as part of this journey. SITAWI’s Philanthropic Funds model fully reflects the spirit of the alliance and the sum of skills to achieve a public purpose that originated  from a civil society initiative. The project’s fund managed by SITAWI reflects the general proposal of the initiative in the funding framework, allowing us to gather and mobilize the necessary resources to practice and implement the actions in a shared, effective and transparent way. ”José Marcelo Zacchi.

BMW Fundgestao-bmw
In order to kick-start its activities in Brazil, BMW Foundation decided to launch a philanthropic fund in partnership with SITAWI. The German institution aims to develop social innovations and promote cross-sector dialogues for the common good.
Fórum Justiça Fundforum-justica-ford
Fórum Justiça Fund is supported by Ford Foundation in order to debate democratic justice related to public policy in Brazil and in Latin America.

Mahle FundInstituto Mahle logo
Mahle Fund was created to promote the development of the macaúba production chain within the “Sustainable Organic Macaúba Extractivism” project lead by INOCAS (Innovative Oil and Carbon Solutions) and funded by Mahle Institute. 

The Mahle Fund is an offshoot of the bridge loan that SITAWI granted to INOCAS in 2016 to promote the development of the macaúba value chain as a source of sustainable vegetable oil.


Inactive Funds

Janelas Abertas Fund
Janelas Abertas Fund is a scholarship program at Escola Eleva Private School. It offers scholarships to low-income children with high potential, offering them access to quality education. Specifically, the program offers the scholarship and psychological and pedagogical support for students and their families.

To maximize the impact of the Program, a matchfunding scheme has been created: for every student funded by donations, Eleva School ensures another student’s education until 20% of the scholarships target is met.

Rede Dinheiro e Consciência Fund
Rede Dinheiro e Consciência results from a partnership between EcoSocial, an anthroposophical based consulting and coaching network for human and organizational development and Avina Foundation, an international institution that works for sustainable development in Latin America, encouraging alliances between social and corporates leaders. 

This initiative began in 2017 with meetings of businessmen and executives to think about the conscious use of money with Joan Melé, an international speaker, economist, businessman and former director of Triodos Bank, considered the first ethical bank. 

Rede Dinheiro e Consciência Fund was constituted by SITAWI in only ten days!

+Unidos – USAID
Created in 2006, the +Unidos Group is a partnership between the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and 20 US corporations comprised of 3M, Alcoa, Boeing, Cargill, Chevron, Citi, Cummins, Dow Chemical, GE, HP, IBM, Intel, Ipaper, KPMG, Microsoft, Motorola Mobility, Motorola, P&G, Qualcomm and Walmart. It aims to benefit Brazilian society through educational and environmental initiatives.
Ellen MacArthur Foundationgestao-ellen
The Ellen Macarthur Foundation (EMF) is a British foundation that aims to inspire our generation to rethink, redesign and build a positive future through a restorative circular economy. To do so, the foundation has launched the CE100 Programme, a pre-competitive program designed to help the organization develop new opportunities and achieve their goals in the circular economy shortly. The program brings corporations, governments, and cities, academic institutions, emerging innovators and affiliates in a single multi-stakeholders platform. In 2015, EMF launched its first satellite in Brazil for the global program and created a fund jointly with SITAWI for the financial management of the program in Brazil.
Instituto InterCement
The InterCement Institute Fund is a partnership between SITAWI Finance for Good and the InterCement Institute to manage the resources supporting the organization’s community development activities. The amount of R$ 420,000 will go towards the “Community Ideas” contest to support entrepreneurial projects in the cities where the organization operates. The purpose of the initiative is to encourage members of Community Development Committees to engage in entrepreneurship through the development and implementation of projects that contribute to community development. The InterCement Institute is the face of Corporate Social Responsibility for InterCement – one of the largest cement manufacturers in the country. The activities of the InterCement Institute are carried out with preference to the municipalities in which the organization carries out its industrial and commercial activities. Learn more:
Nuvem is an initiative focused on experimentation, research, and innovation in technology and sustainability, based in rural areas. SITAWI manages Ford Foundation’s donation to develop the project’s activities. In 2016, Nuvem held two different coordinations – “Feminism and Disruption” and “Territorial Actions” – with the aim of increasing its scope through an expansion of its activities, the realization of specific goals for each stakeholder and the creation of new partnerships and collaborations.
Dá Pégestao-dape
The production company Pindorama Filmes in partnership with SOS Mata Atlântica raised R$ 400,000 on a crowdfunding campaign in 2015 to reforest the banks of Una River, an important tributary of the Paraiba do Sul River that supplies water to Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, and Minas Gerais.
The Rio+B is a project to incentivize companies and business networks to evaluate and make conscious decisions about their social and environmental impact, aiming to engage the private sector in the Rio de Janeiro’s sustainability agenda. Maintained by Sistema B, in partnership with Rio de Janeiro city hall and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, the project uses free, online, and globally recognized tools to evaluate the social and environmental impact of the organizations in the city. SITAWI is responsible for the financial management of the Fund.
Brazil Crowdfunding Challengegestao-desafio
The Challenge was created to promote the largest social crowdfunding campaign in the history of Brazil. With more than 115 projects submitted, the challenge had 5 finalists. Acãochego won a popular vote and was awarded R$ 50,000 and the benefit of receiving consulting services from the 3 participating platforms – Benfeitoria, Doare e – to raise R$500,000 in a crowdfunding campaign. The Challenge’s success drew the attention of many organizations and donors to online giving, becoming a doorway for anyone wishing to engage with the sector.
Funded by ticket sales (R$ 300 mil) at the SouMinasGerais concert, which took place in São Paulo and Belo Horizonte and brought together Caetano Veloso, Criolo, Milton Nascimento, JotaQuest, Maria Gadu and many other Brazilian musicians to support families who were victims of a dam collapse in Mariana, Minas Gerais.
Social Fund FEM Innovationgestao-fundo
Support for the launch of the international initiative, Gendered Innovation Accelerator (GIA) in Brazil. The project aims to invest in the redefinition of the Information and Communication Technology sector, supporting innovation with gender lens. In addition to correct gender inequality among software programmers, who are 85% male, FEM Innovation aims to contribute to establishing a new mindset and new opportunities in the ICT field.
Get in touch and find out how we can help you answer the following questions:
  • What will be the objectives of the social initiative?
  • Who will implement this initiative?
  • How to coordinate the financial flow of initiatives involving several companies and/or business units?
  • How do the proposed social initiatives fit into the existing portfolio and values of the group?
  • What tax benefits are available (focus on social impact)?