Solidariom – Pro – Amazônia

Solidarium is a social business based in Curitiba with a mission to “build a genuine Brazil, rich in diversity, not inequality” using a network of clients, ambassadors, artisans, cooperatives, artists and shops.

Problem:  Solidarium received an order from WalMart for 30,000 recycled plastic bags at a time when they did not have the resources necessary to purchase the materials, pay the suppliers, or buy the machines.

Solution: SITAWI made its first working capital loan to Solidarium in 2009, to complete the order with Walmart. In 2013, SITAWI opened a new chapter in this history of cooperation.

Social Impact: Solidarium decided to further expand by transforming its business into an online marketplace. By the end of 2013 and with SITAWI’s support, this marketplace had more than 8,000 artisans, the vast majority of them women, selling their handicrafts online.

In October 2013, SITAWI granted another loan for R$64,000 to support a partnership between Solidarium and Associação Pró-Amazônia, which works with Yanomami tribes in Amazonia to encourage tribes to value their cultural heritage and promote fair trade in indigenous handicrafts. The aim of the loan is to enable artisans to meet the demands of an order from a large Brazilian chain store for traditional handicrafts produced with sustainable materials. For the first time, SITAWI is supporting an initiative in Amazonia and is collaborating to generate income in four indigenous communities in one of the most remote regions of Brazil.