SITAWI supports Empiricus ‘Sustainable Portfolio’

How about investing in profitable companies that also manage their social and environmental impacts?

With this in mind, SITAWI supported Empiricus in identifying socially responsible companies with good potential in the upcoming months. The result was the report “Multiplier Actions, Sustainable Profits,” with a portfolio of investments for people who, in addition to making money, want to make their contribution to a better world.

The work was the result of the union of forces between the two organizations. On one hand, Empiricus, with its experience in financial analysis, guarantees the best analysis of companies that have shares in the Stock Exchange. On the other hand, SITAWI, with its expertise in monitoring the social and environmental performance of Brazilian companies for several years, ensures that these recommended companies fulfil social and environmental responsibilities.

“It’s common to find companies with exploratory and polluting activities in these sustainability rankings just because they have created an internal program to reduce the use of printed paper. We do not want that kind of company on our green list. For this reason, the partnership with SITAWI is fundamental, concludes Caio Mesquita, Empiricus CEO.

In the analysis, environmental, social and corporate governance issues were taken into account. Environment, climate change, human rights, transparency, workers’ rights, among other issues are fundamental pillars that impact or can negatively impact a company.

Identifying and overcoming these obstacles ensures that organizations have a more sustainable performance, reducing their vulnerabilities, revenue losses and additional costs to mitigate any damages. Constant monitoring is also critical for investors to anticipate any significant losses in their portfolios.

In addition to the sustainable portfolio, whose technical responsibility belongs to Empiricus, a proportional value to the clicks on the report will be donated to “SOS Mata Atlântica” on behalf of Empiricus subscribers. With more than 30 years of history in the campaign for the preservation of one of the most important biomes of Brazil, the foundation is reference of serious work to support environmental preservation. The supported organization ensures that the donation offered by its engagement in the cause is applied for sustainable actions.

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Founded in 2008, SITAWI is a non-profit organization pioneered in the development of financial solutions for the social sector and in the analysis of the social and environmental performance of companies and financial institutions. SITAWI assesses and models social and environmental impacts on business, advising financial institutions and investors on their business strategies. In 2015, it was elected the 10th best social and environmental research house for investors and had the best social and environmental analyst in the world (Extel Independent Research on Responsible Investment – IRRI 2015)