SITAWI is CEBDS’s new associated company

In January 2020, SITAWI has concluded the association process to the Brazilian Business Council for Sustainable Development (CEBDS) through its Sustainable Finance program. CEBDS is the representative in Brazil of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD). The WBCSD is present in over 36 countries.

SITAWI will help in the revision of the Green Finance portion of the publication ‘Vision 2050’, CEBDS’ main reference of operation. We will also actively participate in several thematic chambers. “We believe that the interface with big companies and CEBDS’ power of advocacy can leverage the innovation in sustainable finance to which SITAWI aspires”, says Gustavo Pimentel, SITAWI’s Executive Director.

CEBDS gathers about 60 of Brazil’s biggest business groups, representing 45% of the national GDP. Its operation is divided between practical transformation, advocacy and networking and the transformation of expertise in vanguard concepts.

“We are thrilled about SITAWI joining us in 2020, a year in which the climate change and sustainable finance agendas have gained so much space in the market as well as in the civil society. SITAWI’s collaboration and vision for our projects will guarantee that our deliveries have greater impact and systemic transformations in the themes with which we work. To think of Sustainable Finance is to think of SITAWI and CEBDS”, says Fábio Guido, Institutional Relations Manager at CEBDS.

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