SITAWI becomes a signatory to the Declaration in favor of Responsible Investments in Colombia

In an action led by our office in Bogotá (Colombia), in October 2020, SITAWI became signatory to the “Declaración a favor de la inversión responsable en Colombia”. The document establishes a relevant and pioneering commitment by public and private institutions on the subject in the country.

By signing the document, we declare the importance of promoting the incorporation of ESG criteria, promoting the preparation of periodic reports on ESG performance, promoting the dissemination of ESG information, as well as the implementation of the topics covered by this Declaration among institutional investors and Colombian companies.

“On 10/27, we officially became signatories of the “Declaración a favor de la inversión responsable en Colombia”. SITAWI joins Colombian regulatory institutions and associations, in addition to other major players on the global agenda (GRI, PRI, CDP). In this way, we are consolidating our position as the greatest practice of social and sustainable finance in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), no longer as a ‘Brazilian consultancy with LAC projects’, but as a ‘LAC consultancy’, with performance, team and achievements in different countries and key markets in the region ”, comments Fred Seifert, Senior Manager for Latin America & Caribbean (ex-Brazil) at SITAWI.