Mobile Metrix

Mobile Metrix is a NGO that was founded in 2010 with the objective of collecting data on the bottom of the pyramid.  The organization aims to collect data on ‘invisible’ community members that are not accounted for in traditional research, and remain forgotten in the sectors of employment, education, and heath.

Problem: Mobile Metrix signed a contract with a multinational consumer goods company to do research on health and hygene in the communities of Rio de Janeiro and Recife.  Due to a cash flow problem, the organization was short the necessary resources to implement the research while payments were being processed by the multinational.

Solution: SITAWI lent Mobile Metrix R$100 mil to finance the project implementation.

Social Impact:  The loan funded the research, and by doing so increased visibility around the needs of at-risk communities around hygene and health education.  Mobile Metrix then implemented relevant trainings.

Mobile Metrix has since repaid its loan to SITAWI´s fund, and the capital continues to transform more lives!