Imembuí Microfinanças provides credit to small entrepreneurs in Santa Maria (Rio Grande do Sul) who are generally excluded from access to credit from traditional financial institutions.  In 2011, the organization had a year-end positive balance of R$70k after reporting a loss in 2010.  It was able to obtain a subsidized line of credit from the Banco de Desenvolvimento do Rio Grande do Sul to open a new line of microcredit, but demand continued to exceed supply.

Problem:  The organization did not have enough working capital to keep up with demand for microcredit in the region.

Solution: SITAWI lent Imembuí R$230k, which the organization ended up repaying in advance.

Social Impact: Financial support of 86 micro entrepreneurs that created 359 jobs.

Imembuí Microfinanças has since repaid its loan to SITAWI´s fund, and the capital continues to transform more lives!