IDB hires consultant to advice the Goias Fomento in the execution of a financing line to energy efficiency

The Inter-American Development Bank is seeking a trained consultant in issues related to energy and/or energy efficiency to support the Goias Fomento Team in implementing a financing line for energy efficiency. Aside from this, the consultant must have a comprehensive understanding about how financial institutions operate, technology providers and energy services as well as its potential clients.

This vacancy is destined to professional who have knowledge in the energy sector and in the challenges of energy efficiency in the private sector with at least 2 years of experience after graduation and/or master’s degree in energy, engineering, administration or related fields. The consultant must be based in Goiânia – GO.

For further information, access the Term of Reference:

The consultant will support the Goias Fomento Team, developing the follow activities, including others activities that might be requested while the contract is still in force:

  • Support planning and execution of activities of fellow consultants hired by the IDB and Goiás Fomento in the project, developing work plans and monitoring their implementation with periodic reports.
  • Assist fellow consultants from IDB and Goiás Fomento with market research, making calls and meetings with key stakeholders from utilities and technology suppliers.
  • Support the product/credit area of Goiás Fomento in the development of the program financing line, including eligibility criteria, application process, forms, customer documentation, internal process analysis projects, among others
  • Identify and support, in coordination with the local IDB consultant, the development of alliances and agreements for the successful operation of the financing line, including professional associations, technology suppliers and services, validators’ agencies, among others.
  • Organise events to promote different program mechanisms for different actors mentioned before.
  • Coordinate with local verifiers the promotion flows, contracting and use of their services.