SITAWI expands its operation to Mexico

SITAWI continues to position itself as the biggest consulting firm for sustainable finances in Latin America. In July, we started yet another implementation project of the Ecological and Social Risk Management (SARAS, for its acronym in Portuguese), working for the first time in Mexico along with the financial institution DOCUFORMAS. This project corroborates our expertise and participation on the topic in the region. In Mexico, we also executed socio-ecological due diligence on an agricultural enterprise, which was targeted by a private equity fund for acquisition. 

We have a history of over 60 projects in the evaluation, design, implementation and/or training on SARAS in 10 countries of Latin America and the Caribbean: Barbados, Brasil, Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Ecuador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama. The demand for these projects will continue to increase as the pressure from society, investors and regulatory entities, for a greater sophistication of the socio-ecological management in the financial institutions, rises.

The project with the DOCUFORMAS will include all components cited above: support in the diagnosis of the socioecological management needs and evaluation of the current practices, customized design of the SARAS, team training in the system and development of an implementation plan. Our first visit to the DOCUFORMAS headquarters, in Mexico City, focused on formalizing the beginning of the partnership, presenting the different parts involved in the project and defining the next steps and critical aspects of the consulting.

On the other hand, the due diligence included the mapping of risks associated with the socio-ecological management of the evaluated enterprise’s farms and the formulation of an action plan for the effective management of the productive processes. The SITAWI methodology focuses on taking risks and opportunities for action in the businesses, while always respecting the local socio-ecological legislation and using international best practices as a reference – such as the IFC Performance Standards.

With our history of operation in over 15 countries and over 60 projects per year, SITAWI seeks to continue spreading the good finances through Latin America. In line with our expansion goal on the continent, we will be opening our offices in Bogotá in 2019.