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SITAWI confirmed as Approved Verifier to the Climate Bonds Standard

2020, 11 December

The Climate Bonds Standard Board has confirmed SITAWI as an Approved Verifier under the Climate Bonds Standard & Certification Scheme. The status allows SITAWI to operate as a third party verifier to assess whether the green debt transaction meets certification requirements under the Climate Bonds Standard. SITAWI joins a global and select list of almost 50 Approved Verifiers. The Standard and associated Criteria use a science-based process to determine in a

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SITAWI becomes a signatory to the Declaration in favor of Responsible Investments in Colombia

2020, 27 November

In an action led by our office in Bogotá (Colombia), in October 2020, SITAWI became signatory to the “Declaración a favor de la inversión responsable en Colombia”. The document establishes a relevant and pioneering commitment by public and private institutions on the subject in the country. By signing the document, we declare the importance of promoting the incorporation of ESG criteria, promoting the preparation of periodic reports on ESG performance,

US$79 million in green bonds in Colombia count on second party opinion (SPO) from SITAWI

2020, 28 October

ISA issued its first green bond in the local Colombian market to finance two energy transmission projects. The resources, in the amount of COP 299,997 MM, will contribute to the connection of unconventional renewable energies (wind and solar) to the Colombian electrical system. The bond was 2.5 times oversubscribed. The issuance had a Second Party Opinion (SPO) from SITAWI, which supported the management by analyzing and ratifying the social and

US$79 millones en una emisión de bonos verdes en Colombia contó con segunda opinión de SITAWI

2020, 19 August

ISA emitió su primer bono verde en el mercado colombiano para financiar dos proyectos de transmisión de energía. El valor de la emisión fue de COP 299.997 MM, y contribuirá para la conexión de energía renovable no convencional (eólica y solar) en el sistema eléctrico colombiano. La demanda del bono fue de 2,5 veces el total adjudicado. La emisión contó con una segunda opinión (SPO) de SITAWI, que apoyó en

FS Bioenergia raises BRL 530 million in unprecedented green finance operations based on SITAWI Second Party Opinion

2020, 6 August

FS Bioenergia was responsible for three new green finance operations in Brazil in recent months. The company raised BRL 530 million and based two of them on SITAWI’s SPO. The first operation, BRL 210 million in Agribusiness Receivable Certificates (CRA), was the first Green CRA for bioenergy sector in Brazil, issued in March this year. FS Bioenergia is the largest producer of ethanol exclusively from corn in Brazil. The second

SITAWI launches first database of green bonds in Brazil

2020, 8 July

At the end of June 2020, SITAWI launched a public link to the first complete database of thematic bonds in Brazil. The term includes green, social, sustainable and transition bonds, i.e., debts obtained for assets that have different types of socio and environmental externalities. The database includes all the sustainable credit operations in the country, covering not only bonds certified by the Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI), but also other mechanisms

SITAWI is CEBDS’s new associated company

2020, 2 March

In January 2020, SITAWI has concluded the association process to the Brazilian Business Council for Sustainable Development (CEBDS) through its Sustainable Finance program. CEBDS is the representative in Brazil of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD). The WBCSD is present in over 36 countries. SITAWI will help in the revision of the Green Finance portion of the publication ‘Vision 2050’, CEBDS’ main reference of operation. We will also

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Platform will bring greater transparency to the Latin American and Caribbean’s green bond market

2019, 23 December

SITAWI is one of the supporting institutions of the Green Bond Transparency Platform (GBTP), an innovative digital tool that will bring greater transparency to the Latin American and Caribbean’s green bond market. The announcement was made at an event hosted by the IDB during the UN Climate Change Conference (COP25), under the presidency of Chile, in Madrid, Spain. The GBTP, which is expected to become a model for green bond

In 2019 R$ 2.89 billions were collected in green bonds

2019, 2 September

In 2018 only two green emission bonds were emitted in Brasil. However, in 2019, SITAWI have already emitted six second opinion statements for green bonds, which received R$ 2.89 billion. Green bonds are debt instruments, such as debentures, financial certificates, CRA, LCA, and FIDC, which commit to finance green assets or seek the mitigation of climate change. The participants of the green bond market include, beyond the usual participants of


SITAWI expands its operation to Mexico

2019, 2 September

SITAWI continues to position itself as the biggest consulting firm for sustainable finances in Latin America. In July, we started yet another implementation project of the Ecological and Social Risk Management (SARAS, for its acronym in Portuguese), working for the first time in Mexico along with the financial institution DOCUFORMAS. This project corroborates our expertise and participation on the topic in the region. In Mexico, we also executed socio-ecological due

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SITAWI coordinates a cluster in the Latin American Observatory for Climate Action

2019, 26 April

SITAWI Finance for Good is the new coordinator of the Climate Financing cluster from the Latin American Observatory for Climate Action (OLAC). The group aims to monitor the financial streams to commitments taken by countries from Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) in response to the Paris Agreement. Another goal is to provide technical assistance to facilitate the access and management of climate financing. The group is led by Fred

IRRI 2019: Vote for SITAWI to be globally recognized

2019, 15 March

Voting is open for the world’s biggest research on Responsible Investment, the Independent Research on Responsible Investment – IRRI 2019. Once again, SITAWI has been nominated for multiple categories, establishing itself as the largest Sustainable Finance research and consultancy practice in Latin America. Employees of asset managers, asset owners, investment consultants, sell-side analysts, independent research providers, the IR & CSR directors of quoted companies, consultants, and industry experts are allowed to

SITAWI contributes to the development of global ISO standard for green bonds

2017, 8 December

Nominated by the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (ABNT), SITAWI’s Director of Sustainable Finance, Gustavo Pimentel, will be a part of the international expert group charged with developing ISO 14030, which aims to standardize the requirements for the classification of a green bond. Two other Brazilian organizations, FEBRABAN and the consulting firm Sust4in, will also be a part of this group. The new standard of the ISO 14000 series, which

Brazil reaches $3.67bn in green bond issuance

2017, 13 November

Sustainable forest management and wind power dominate use of proceeds. New State of the Market Report predicts growth in the low-carbon agriculture and transportation sector. São Paulo, October 2nd 2017 – The Brazilian labelled green bonds market has now reached $3.67bn thanks to national companies – the latest results in the second edition of the Brazil State of the Market Report. From June 2015, (when BRF inaugurated the market) to

Innovation in financing for environmental conservation

2017, 13 November

Frederico Seifert, SITAWI’s Sustainable Finance Manager, spoke at the 4th Sustainable Dialogues event, which occurred on September 21st and 22nd, in Brasilia. The meeting brought together representatives of the Brazilian Biodiversity Fund (Funbio), the Ministry of the Environment, Public Prosecutors, and third sector institutions to discuss the challenges and opportunities of funding environmental conservation projects in Brazil. During the Innovation panel, Seifert discussed impact investing and the importance of innovating

SITAWI elaborates on the guide for responsible investment in pension funds

2017, 13 November

The study “Responsible Investment in Brazil 2016: ESG Adoption by Pension Funds”, carried out by SITAWI, illustrates that several national pension funds have already made progress in integrating ESG aspects into their internally managed assets, but they have carried out fewer changes to encourage their external managers to practice responsible investment as well. To allow pension funds to evolve in that direction, SITAWI developed the technical content for the elaboration

SITAWI represents Brazil in Responsible Investment global ranking

2017, 7 November

SITAWI represents Brazil once again in the world’s largest research on Responsible Investment, Independent Research on Responsible Investment – IRRI 2017. Whether you work for a Quoted Company, Asset manager, Asset Owner or Sell-side brokers, this is an opportunity to provide feedback on Corporate Governance (CG) and Responsible Investment (SRI) research providers. We ask your vote and your colleagues in the following categories: IRRI 2017 – Quoted companies Which SRI

SITAWI supports implementation of ESMS at El Salvador’s Banco Hipotecario

2017, 11 October

SITAWI was engaged to design and monitor the implementation of the Environmental and Social Risk Management System (ESMS) at Banco Hipotecario, in El Salvador. The ESMS will cover the social and environmental risk management of the bank’s small and medium-sized rural and urban portfolios. Required by the Brazilian Central Bank since 2015, the ESMS is still at a nascent stage in some Latin American countries, despite its many benefits: an

Lab stimulates the Green Bond market in Brazil

2017, 15 September

The global green bond market saw $81 billion issued in 2016. To accompany this trend, the Brazilian Development Association (ABDE), together with the Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM) and the Inter-American Development Bank, launched the Financial Innovation Lab on August 3. The aim of the Lab is to bring together different stakeholders in an intersectoral discussion forum to generate knowledge and foster financial tools for sustainable development. The event took

Responsible Investment in Practice: webinar presents tools used for ESG integration

2017, 15 September

Responsible investment is defined as the incorporation of environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues into investment decisions. The tools and approaches used to mitigate ESG risks and search for better returns were the subject of the webinar “Responsible Investment in Practice” carried out by SITAWI on July 18. The discussion was conducted by the managing director of SITAWI, Gustavo Pimentel, and Sustainable Finance consultant Carla Schuchmann. Sustainability professionals, business managers

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More R$112 million in Green Debentures with SITAWI’s opinion

2017, 15 September

The Rio Energy debenture issuance received a favorable second opinion from SITAWI and verification from its partner VigeoEiris, in accordance with the criteria established by the Climate Bonds Standards Board. The company, developer and operator of renewable energy projects, made its second issuance of infrastructure debentures in the amount of R$ 111.8 million, due in December 2028, to the Itarema Wind Complex in Ceará state. The amount issued was considered

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The Green Appeal

2017, 17 April

By Andrea Vialli As a proposal which sparks the eyes of investors concerned about social and environmental issues, the green bonds were responsible for raising about US$ 81 billion worldwide last year. This amount is much higher than in 2015 when it added up to US$ 42 billion, according to statistics from the Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI), an international non-profit organization dedicated to fostering green bonds and climate securities markets.

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2017, 3 April

SITAWI issued a favorable opinion on the classification of CPFL Renováveis debentures as a green bond. The utility company was the first in South America to issue a green bond certified by the “Climate Bonds Standard Board”. The debenture, in the amount of R$ 200 million, was issued in 2016 and the proceeds were used to build Campos dos Ventos and São Benedito wind power projects, with 231 MW of

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2017, 21 March

Water has always been a valuable resource, but its relative abundance in Brazil means that society does not always value it. Recent supply crises in Brazil and world are driving society to understand that water management has become a key global priority. It is estimated that water abstraction will increases globally by 50% by 2050 (UN, 2014). A contemporary way of addressing the issue is the recognition of the water

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SITAWI rises in Responsible Investment Global Ranking

2017, 14 February

SITAWI is among the TOP 10 in twelve categories of Independent Research in Responsible Investment – IRRI 2016 ranking On Monday, February, 6, the results of the Independent Research in Responsible Investment – IRRI 2016, the most important and most recognized ranking of responsible investment in the world, were released. SITAWI Finance for Good was among the ten best placed in twelve categories, its best result since the first participation,

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Sustainable Development Goals disclosure becomes requirement of Brazilian sustainability index

2016, 7 December

Sao Paulo’s BM&FBOVESPA links ISE to SDG by Carlos Tornero | December 7th, 2016 Brazilian exchange BM&FBOVESPA will make it compulsory for the constituents of its Corporate Sustainability Index (ISE) to disclose their policies related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which for the first time have been included among the criteria to participate in the index. It comes as the SDGs are starting to appear on the agenda of investors;

SITAWI moderate the ESG Investor Briefing, at BM&FBOVESPA

2016, 20 October

The event reunited investor to discuss the social and environmental performance of the Corporate Sustainability Report Pioneers Working Group and had the presence of Gustavo Pimentel from SITAWI as mediator. The third edition of ESG Invest Briefing took place last Tuesday, October 17, at BM&FBOVESPA, in São Paulo. The event, organized by CEBDS, GRI and CDP, is part of activities from the Brazilian Commission for Integrated Reporting and had Gustavo

Deforestation in the Amazon: new studies with WWF Brazil

2016, 20 October

Requested by WWF Brazil, SITAWI produced two studies to guide the discussion and action for reducing deforestation in the Amazon. They are part of a series called Financial Flows With No Deforestation, WWF’s Living Amazon Initiative. The “Good Practice Guide for Financial Institutions” will assist in identifying and creating business opportunities against deforestation in Brazil and Colombia. The other study “Financial Opportunities in Reducing Deforestation” aims to help financial institutions

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Brazil improves on sustainability disclosure ranking

2016, 29 September

By Beatriz Ferrari* Brazil climbed 14 places on the ranking of the world’s stock exchanges on disclosure of sustainability data, published annually by the Canadian financial research company Corporate Knights. The ‘Measuring Sustainability Disclosure: Ranking the World’s Stock Exchanges 2016’ report assesses 45 stock exchanges worldwide, representing 4,469 large publicly traded companies. BM&FBovespa showed a remarkable improvement, improving to 10th from  26th in 2015 and 24th in 2014. Around 70%

Brazil improves on sustainability disclosure ranking

2016, 12 September

Brazil climbed 14 places on the ranking of the world’s stock exchanges on disclosure of sustainability data, published annually by the Canadian financial research company Corporate Knights. The ‘Measuring Sustainability Disclosure: Ranking the World’s Stock Exchanges 2016’ report assesses 45 stock exchanges worldwide, representing 4,469 large publicly traded companies. BM&FBovespa showed a remarkable improvement, improving to 10th from  26th in 2015 and 24th in 2014. Around 70% of large listed

IDB hires consultant to advice the Goias Fomento in the execution of a financing line to energy efficiency

2016, 30 August

The Inter-American Development Bank is seeking a trained consultant in issues related to energy and/or energy efficiency to support the Goias Fomento Team in implementing a financing line for energy efficiency. Aside from this, the consultant must have a comprehensive understanding about how financial institutions operate, technology providers and energy services as well as its potential clients. This vacancy is destined to professional who have knowledge in the energy sector