Rachel Besso

Senior Analyst

Rachel Besso is an Analyst at SITAWI, where she started her activities in 2016, working on research on socio-environmental aspects and consulting for NGOs and financial institutions.She has experience in research and analysis related to water resources, from the support to the mapping of water efficiency technologies to intensive economic sectors in the water consumption of concessionaire and water risk analysis of brazilian companies.
She also supported projects related to the quantification of financial flows related to deforestation in the Amazon and Cerrado biomes. In addition, she works with financial institutions in Latin America for the development and implementation of Environmental and Social Risk Management Systems (SARAS).

Prior to SITAWI, Rachel worked at Forship Engineering supporting the Integrated Management System – Quality, Environment and Occupational Health and Safety. During his graduation, he participated in researches related to contamination of soils and green roofs in COPPE / UFRJ laboratories.

She graduated as an Environmental Engineer at the University of Granada (Spain). Brazilian, she speaks both English and Spanish.