Impact Investing

Impact Investment consists of directing public or private capital – such as loan, contract, investment or donation – to financial instruments and impact businesses with a commitment to generate social or environmental impact with financial profitability. It differs from philanthropy and traditional finance in combining commitment to social impact and monitoring and measuring impact.
Source: Alliance for Impact

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In Brazil, SITAWI is a pioneer in this investment model that has been gaining ground due to the continuous increase in the number of businesses with a positive social and environmental impact, as well as the interest on part of investors to generate impact through their resources, combining this positive impact with attractive profitability.

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Faced with the difficulties of the sector, SITAWI Finance For Good works by enabling social and environmental loans at an interest rate below the market’s standards, for social and/or environmental enterprises, as well as building bridges that reduce the entrepreneur’s learning curve and showcases that elevate their visibility in the market.

The result is an efficient use of money and a significant multiplier effect.

Following the international trend, SITAWI has been using the concept of blended finance to build financial mechanisms that are equally attractive to the social entrepreneur and the impact investor. These mechanisms allow the financing of a wide range of businesses with an impact at below-market interest rates.

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For Corporate Investors

Are you looking for a tool that allows the execution of your organization’s impact investment plan, enabling the availability of capital for the development of impact businesses? Perhaps it makes sense to establish a Revolving Social and environmental Fund (RSF).

These investment funds are instituted through donations raised by the institutor to support the development of organizations that meet specific criteria defined in conjunction with the instituting person / organization.

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Another model for selection and investment in impact business is SITAWI’s Crowdlending Platform, where you can sponsor the execution of one or more rounds of collective investment, which may or may not have a theme aligned with your impact investment plan.

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For Individual Investors

If you want to develop / migrate to a personal impact investment portfolio, it is possible to #InvestingInImpact through SITAWI’s Crowdlending Platform!

The platform acts as a direct investment mechanism, where the investor can choose how much and in what impactful businesses he/she wants to invest. The selection of businesses is carefully made by SITAWI and the loan conditions may vary for each selected organization, according to the conclusions of the analysis.

This is an initiative of SITAWI in partnership with Sabin Institute with the objective of expanding the volume of impact investment in Brazil, allowing investors to have this type of investment in their portfolios and, consequently, that more impact organizations have access to an inexpensive, patient and abundant capital.

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For ENTREPRENEURSDo you undertake / direct an organization with a positive social and environmental impact (company, association, NGO, etc.) and are you looking for resources for working capital, expansion or escalation?

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SITAWI is the most active impact investor in Brazil!

We have already made more than 50 investments in more than 40 organizations. Of these, about 50% are startups from the most varied segments and 50% are NGOs and Cooperatives.

Diversity is a factor that has been prioritized and, therefore, in about 50% of our investments, women are in leadership positions.

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