Seminar on Impact Investing

Leonardo Letelier palestra em Seminário de Investimento de Impacto realizado pela Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce, em Nova Iorque. O evento conta também com a participação de Fabio Jose Fagundes, do IADB;  Daniel Izzoda Vox Capital e Genevieve Edensda ANDE. Confira a programação e inscreva-se.


Impact investing can be defined simply as investments “made into companies, organizations, and funds with the intention to generate a measurable, beneficial social or environmental impact alongside a financial return.”  But such a simple definition still leaves many unanswered questions, even more so when applied to Brazil.

A diverse and distinguished panel, representing bilateral institutions, NGO’s, asset managers, and entrepreneurs explore key questions surrounding impact investing in Brazil:

  • What role does impact investing play in social development?  How impactful is it currently, and what is the expectation over time? How are impacts being measured?
  • What are the roles of bilateral institutions, foreign and domestic NGOs and traditional or new asset management firms in Brazilian impact investing?
  • What is the role of the Brazilian government in the process, how can it do more to promote impact investing?  Could regulations be improved to increase the volume of impact investments?
  • Who is actually providing the funds for impactful investing?  Family offices? Foundations?  Foreign governments?  Private sector funds?  Does debt play a role, or only equity?
  • What are the principal criteria and what is the process behind identifying impact investments?  Can investments be differentiated between philanthropy, venture capital, and private equity?  Are there other meaningful categories?
  • Can investors who are looking to make a positive difference with their investments really expect to also enjoy market returns?  What are the vehicles for doing so, both at the institutional and individual level?
  • Who and what ype of funds are involved in impact investing? Do they have external ratings? As an individual where can I go to make Impact Investments?