ESG Research

Environmental, Social and Governance issues (ESG) bring risks and opportunities for companies, affecting their risk/return profile in credit, insurance and equity investments. SITAWI has developed expertise to monitor and model ESG business impacts to support decision making by institutional investors, banks and insurers.

We focus on companies and industries relevant to Brazil, since we believe it is essential to have a strong local presence and insight. Since 2015 we have been the Brazil research and sales partner of Vigeo Eiris, a leading global ESG research agency with over 300 clients worldwide, providing SITAWI a strong distribution channel and access to ESG expertise.

Our ESG Research products are used by domestic and foreign investors as well as business and civil society and are divided into 3 product areas.



We aim to identify the most relevant ESG issues for each sector, issues that impact competitive dynamics and perspectives of risk and return. Our research supports the development of ESG materiality and industry benchmarks while also providing context for our analysis of companies. Covered sectors include: financial, insurance, food, beverages, construction, energy, mining, pulp and paper, oil and gas, steel, telecom, retail, among others.


In our thematic approach, we select specific ESG issues for in-depth analysis and model the impacts on different sectors in the economy. Some of the issues already analyzed include: climate change (physical and regulatory impacts), solid waste, water, biodiversity, labor relations, supplier management, and community relations, among others.


Our sectorial and thematic expertise allow us to assess the exposure of companies to ESG risks and opportunities. We also understand how companies can respond to such challenges in terms of strategy, management, and performance. We can generate alerts about controversies and also support with ESG ratings and specific inputs required for company valuations. We monitor about 100 companies on a daily basis and update our models at least once annually. Company analysis is either tailor-made to the needs of the client or standardized by the proprietary method of Vigeo Eiris (4,000 companies under coverage), of which SITAWI is the exclusive research and sales partner in Brazil.