Volunteer Program

Why volunteer at SITAWI?
Volunteering is a way of turning personal concerns into concrete actions. Volunteering at SITAWI is an opportunity to understand different ways to mobilize philanthropic and financial resources to multiply the positive impact on society.

Our volunteering program is directed to students, newly graduates, professional transitioning careers or already experienced with availability to collaborate with us according to the necessities of the organization.


  • Work in an environment of innovation in finance.
  • Have a professional experience in an organization that generates positive social and environmental impact.
  • Bring in your experiences acquired in your field of knowledge in favor of a cause.
  • Have contact with an organization that has a business model that covers diverse areas of knowledge
  • Insertion in a multicultural environment


“To be a volunteer is a noble action, because we are donating our time, our ability in favor of something that has a meaning to us. And a life with purpose is much more interesting than letting life take you and you become just a task repeater.”

 Tiago Torres, Communications Volunteer

“At SITAWI, I managed not only to contribute to an amazing cause, but also to use my own skills in favor of that, enriching my knowledge and society.”

Vinicius Carvalho, Social Finance Volunteer