Enio Stein*

CFO of Log-In Logística Intermodal, Enio has been a member of the audit committee since SITAWI’s founding in 2008. An engineer from ITA, he holds an MBA degree from Harvard Business School. Currently a member of the Fund Audit Committee at Vale, he was previously Treasury manager at Vale, a consultant at McKinsey, where he worked for over 10 years, and CFO at Freeddom, a mobile payments startup.

Franklin Feder

An independent advisor and former CEO of Alcoa Latin America & Caribbean, Frank joined SITAWI’s Board in 2015. Originally from the US, he has previous experience as a consultant, corporate vice-president and managing director. He is currently a member of the administrative and advisory boards of five organizations.

Guilherme Affonso Ferreira

President of Bahema S/A and SITAWI’s advisor since 2012. Guilherme is also a member of the Administrative Council of Sul América S.A, Petrobras, Gafisa S/A, Valid S/A, Arezzo S/A and Time for Fun S/A, which are companies listed on the São Paulo Stock Exchange (Bovespa), and the textile company Tavex S/A CV, located in Madrid and listed on Madrid Stock Exchange. He also participates on the advisory council of other philanthropic entities, such as the Institute of Entrepreneurial Citizenship, Esporte Solidário, and Disabled Child Care Association (AACD).

Lucia Hauptman

Founder and president of PRADA Consultancy Services and a SITAWI board member since 2016. She founded ComDominio Inc., a data storage company later sold to a private equity fund. She was manager of Booz & Company, Vice-president of Credit Suisse and member of both the corporative finance board and M&A at JP Morgan. Currently, she is also a member of the Administrative Council of Porto Seguro, an insurance company.

Thomaz Conde

Social investor (2014)

Tomaz Solberg

A conflict mediator, Tomaz has served as a strategy management advisor of Firjan, SESI and SENAI for 8 years and has been a member of SITAWI’s board since its founding in 2008. Tomaz is a Carioca and has previous experience as the manager of Nonprofit Finance Fund in New York, and companies such as Net Services and IBM. He has also been an advisor for Rio Voluntário and the Center for Family Representation.

*Member of the General Assembly, along with the CEO and CFO.