Operating Model

Since 2008, SITAWI promotes the transformation of the values underlying the flow of capital. This is what we call Finance for Good, and it contemplates both individuals and their agents – banks, insurance companies, asset managers, institutes, and foundations. In order to achieve our mission, we operate at both ends of the capital – philanthropic and financial – and divide ourselves into two entities, each with its focus.20180417 Graficos CNPJ_ENThe maximum governing body of the nonprofit entity is the General Assembly, which periodically elects the Executive Board, comprised of the president-director (with the position of CEO, responsible for the administrative and institutional areas) and two vice-presidents (responsible for operating areas within the Social Finance program). Additionally, we have an Advisory Board that meets quarterly to review our strategy and execution and can receive recommendations or communications from stakeholders (supporters, clients, employees, press, suppliers, associates or external). The Advisory Board has six members and the Fiscal Council, elected by the members, is responsible for approving the financial statements. The investment committee of the Social and Environmental Loan Fund is composed by the CEO and external guests. Funds established by third parties have their own governance

It is important to note that since its inception, SITAWI has had the voluntary services of the entire Fiscal and Advisory Council. They are professionals with diverse skills and high professional and personal training, working in different sectors of the market and society, providing continuous services to the organization.

The for-profit entity has its own partners. In order to avoid conflicts of interest, none of these partners are active in any SITAWI governance body, and in no case funds from the non-profit flow to the for profit entity. A contract for resource sharing, brand use and associative contribution binds the two entities.

These careful steps, among others, are taken to ensure that SITAWI has no legal nonconformity.