Finance for Good

SITAWI work with a broad vision of the capital spectrum and the types of organization that focus on positive social and environmental impact. In recent years, the predominant logic of separating traditional companies (with revenues from selling product and services, dividend payments and a focus on financial return) and traditional NGOs (with revenues from donations, no dividends and a focus on social impact) has been replaced by a continuum combining a range of options for each of these categories.


PhilanthropySocial FinanceSustainable FinanceTraditional Finance
Organization TypeTraditional nonprofitsNon-profit businessFor-Profit Business | Responsible companiesTraditional companies
RevenueDonationsDonations + Products and ServicesProducts and Services | Products and ServicesProducts and Services
DividendNoneNoneNone / limited / unlimited | UnlimitedUnlimited
IntentionSocial / environmental impactSocial/environmental impactSocial/environmental impact + Financial Return | Financial Return + Social-environmental impactFinancial Return