SITAWI Finance for Good is a pioneer organization in the development of financial solutions for social impact and in the analysis of the social and environmental performance of companies and financial institutions. Founded in 2008, SITAWI has offices in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Bogotá.

The Social Finance program is responsible for the development of Social Impact Bonds (SIBs) in Brazil and for the management of the Philanthropic Funds (FF) and the Social and Environmental Revolving Funds (FSR), from which donations, loans and impact investments are made to organizations and businesses that are committed to impact, independent if they are nonprofit or for -profit organizations. Historically, these operations were made exclusively with SITAWI’s capital, and recently we added  collective formats, anchored by SITAWI (crowdlending, crowdequity). This program is hosted in the SITAWI’s nonprofit entity.

The Sustainable Finance program is responsible for advancing the inclusion of social and environmental issues into investment decisions of development and commercial banks, pension and private equity funds, asset managers, insurance companies, philanthropic foundations, NGOs, associations, think-tanks and large companies. We follow a fee-for-service business model, where the companies hire SITAWI for Sustainable Finance Advisory and ESG Research projects. This program is mostly hosted at the SITAWI for-profit entity. When the projects generate public benefit – that is, the beneficiary of the project is society at large, not the paying entity – they can be executed under the nonprofit organization.

A world where capital is cheaper, abundant and patient for organizations and businesses creating positive social and environmental impact.



Mobilize capital for positive social and environmental impact.

Striving for Excellence
Transparency towards all
Spirit of Innovation
Encouraging Diversity
Co-responsibility in actions
Action with Empathy

SITAWI’s OSCIP filling is available in National Register of Civil Society Organizations on the website of the Ministry of Justice (use the following details in your search). 
View SITAWI’s approval by the Ministry of Justice as a Civil Society Organization in the Public Interest (OSCIP). Site in Portuguese.

Check out SITAWI’s Vision 2020 (portuguese version), which began in a participatory planning in February 2017 and provides the focus of each program of the organization.