TOP 500 NGO – Em 2016, a 5ª edição do ranking Melhores 500 ONGs do mundo apontou a SITAWI entre as organizações sociais mais influentes do mundo. Pela primeira vez na disputa, a organização ficou como 6ª colocada no Brasil, 8ª na América Latina e na 130ª posição no ranking global. Dentre os 165 indicadores analisados, foram destacados a transparência e a prestação de contas com os resultados auditados.
selo_extel-irri2015EXTEL IRRI – SITAWI was elected one of the 10 best ESG Research Providers for investors globally in 2015 (11th in 2013) and Gustavo Pimentel, Director of Sustainable Finance, was named the best ESG analyst to investors by Independent Research on Responsible Investment (IRRI), the most important ranking on ESG Research/Responsible Investment globally.
selo-BIDbeyondBanking – In 2011, the Inter-American Development Bank recognized SITAWI as the “top project” in the Socially Responsible Investment category. The annual beyondBanking awards recognize outstanding contributions by financial service firms and intermediaries from across Latin America.
clinton_altaClinton Global Initiative – Commitment Maker 2010: In 2010, SITAWI made a commitment to allocate 1.5 million dollars in the Brazilian social sector within 3 years. In 2013, SITAWI achieved its goal with social loans and fund management, supporting 15 organizations and helping over 24,000 people. Commitment Maker 2013: In 2013, SITAWI again committed itself to developing new social finance tools to reach over 100,000 people.
tecnologia_socialCertificado de Tecnologia Social – the Banco do Brasil Foundation Social Technology Award, created in 2001, is the main tool to identify and certify social technologies that make up the Social Technologies Database (BTS).
Instituto Doar - Certificado A+Instituto Doar – In March 2016, SITAWI received the A+ Certification, the highest level for Transparency and Management Standards awarded by Instituto Doar, which aims to grow donation culture in Brazil and coordinates the nonprofit certification initiative. The movement’s goal is to recognize and value organizations for their transparency and management through standardized and verifiable methods.


Logo Vencedor premio _ ABCR1° Prêmio ABCR – SITAWI was chosen as the Most Transparent Company by ABCR – Brazilian Fundraisers Association, being recognized as the organization that best presents information about its management. The voting took place at the 8th ABCR Festival, held in May 2016.
logo_oscipOSCIP – Ministry of Justice approval as a Civil Society Organizations in the Public Interest +link for the certificate (confira a certidão aqui).
UBSFinalista do Prêmio UBS Visionaris 2012 – Shortlisted for the UBS Visionaris Award 2012 – To demonstrate its social commitment, UBS created Visionaris, the UBS Award for Social Entrepreneurs granted for outstanding work by prominent social entrepreneurs. In 2014, with this aim in mind, UBS associated with Ashoka, an international organization founded in 1980 to contribute to professionalizing social entrepreneurs globally.