Business round by Partnership Platform for the Amazon (PPA) invests R$ 4,8 million in social impact businesses in the region

02 de janeiro de 2020

Startups selected to participate in the Acceleration Program of the Partnership Platform for the Amazon (PPA) have met in Manaus, Brazil for a business round with impact investors, institutes and philanthropic foundations. Pitch presentations were held on December 5th 2019, in Manaus.  A grand total of R$4,8 million was invested in 9 social impact businesses, which operate in the fields of food production, energy production, sustainable extractivism, environmental education, fluvial

Platform will bring greater transparency to the Latin American and Caribbean’s green bond market

23 de dezembro de 2019

SITAWI is one of the supporting institutions of the Green Bond Transparency Platform (GBTP), an innovative digital tool that will bring greater transparency to the Latin American and Caribbean’s green bond market. The announcement was made at an event hosted by the IDB during the UN Climate Change Conference (COP25), under the presidency of Chile, in Madrid, Spain. The GBTP, which is expected to become a model for green bond

In 2019 R$ 2.89 billions were collected in green bonds

02 de setembro de 2019

In 2018 only two green emission bonds were emitted in Brasil. However, in 2019, SITAWI have already emitted six second opinion statements for green bonds, which received R$ 2.89 billion. Green bonds are debt instruments, such as debentures, financial certificates, CRA, LCA, and FIDC, which commit to finance green assets or seek the mitigation of climate change. The participants of the green bond market include, beyond the usual participants of

Omar Avila com operação do SARAS no México

SITAWI expands its operation to Mexico

02 de setembro de 2019

SITAWI continues to position itself as the biggest consulting firm for sustainable finances in Latin America. In July, we started yet another implementation project of the Ecological and Social Risk Management (SARAS, for its acronym in Portuguese), working for the first time in Mexico along with the financial institution DOCUFORMAS. This project corroborates our expertise and participation on the topic in the region. In Mexico, we also executed socio-ecological due

SITAWI coordinates a cluster in the Latin American Observatory for Climate Action

26 de abril de 2019

SITAWI Finance for Good is the new coordinator of the Climate Financing cluster from the Latin American Observatory for Climate Action (OLAC). The group aims to monitor the financial streams to commitments taken by countries from Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) in response to the Paris Agreement. Another goal is to provide technical assistance to facilitate the access and management of climate financing. The group is led by Fred



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