Finance for Good for...

... Financial Institutions

The financial sector - asset managers, banks, insurance companies, pension funds – should integrate environmental and social issues (ESG) into investment decisions and contribute to a more inclusive and green economy.

For these players, we provide ESG Advisory to support development of strategies, processes and tools for risk management, investment analysis, and product development, as well as ESG Research - sectoral or thematic - that models the impact of ESG issues in different asset classes.

Our publications generate further insight on ESG aspects in Brazil and how they are being incorporated by investors.

... Companies & Families

Companies and wealthy families shall take a leadership role in initiatives to reduce social inequalities and support the environmental sustainability of the country. This can be done as part of a business’ value chain or using philanthropic resources.

We support companies through modeling social businesses and inclusive and financial structuring of programs and funds. We support families in their strategy for philanthropic allocation. For both, we manage social assets .

... NGOs and Social Businesses

The impact ecosystem can be directly supported through social and environmental loans and also through knowledge generation increasing its effectiveness and efficiency.

We have already allocated more than R$3 million for social impact and currently, we develop studies on mergers of social organizations and new social finance instruments, such as Social Impact Bonds.

We also lead or participate in campaigns to develop the third sector as a whole, such as Give More, Give Better.

SITAWI is part of a new and important global movement that seeks to give activities of civil society a high standard of excellence and efficiency. Thus, the time and resources that are available can have the maximum impact. Whether in the finance or the management field, SITAWI is an example to follow "
Armínio Fraga, former president of the Brazilian Central Bank